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The Motorsport Package is an add-on to Marple

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View and use laptime information in Marple

A list of laptimes

It is now possible to add lap information to Marple. This information will be displayed the way motorsport engineers are used to. The lap information is used for navigation through the data, as well as calculating key metrics for analysis.

A screenshot of Marple with some laptime information

Distance-based analysis

Marple graph where two runs are compared in distance mode

With Marple, you can compare different data sets based on distance using our powerful distance-based plotting feature. By visualizing and comparing metrics along the track's distance, you can gain valuable insights into your motorsport data.

Connect with modern data solutions

An overview of Marple. Marple can connect with different data sources, varying from files to databases. Marple can visualise the data as well as do data mining and reporting.

Marple offers seamless integration with various data sources, allowing you to connect and analyze data from file servers, InfluxDB, Azure Data Explorer (ADX), TimescaleDB, and more. With Marple's flexible data solutions, you can easily access and utilize your data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. Explore the possibilities and unlock the full potential of your motorsport data with Marple.

Upload or generate Track Maps

Track map of Monza

In the motorsport package you have the option to either upload track maps or generate them from your data. Track maps provide a visual representation of the circuit, allowing you to better understand the layout and make data-driven decisions based on the specific sections of the track. Whether you prefer to upload existing track maps or generate new ones, Marple provides you with the flexibility to enhance your motorsport analysis and optimize your performance on the track.

Motorsport Package in a nutshell

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