A csv file displayed as a table

Visualise CSV files

Time series data to graphs in 5 minutes

1. Clean your data

Garbage in = garbage out. Make sure to have your time series data formatted nicely. This means:

This is an example of a good file (time = green, units = blue):

A csv file with time and units highlighted

Using something else than .csv?

Marple supports other data types, such as MAT, HDF5, ULOG, MDF, and more.

Read data formats docs

2. Sign up for Marple

Create a free account by signing up on app.marpledata.com. Verify your email.

Create a free account

3. Upload and visualise

Go to the data library and press Upload Files. Select one or more files that you want to visualise.

A visual guide on how to upload a csv file in Marple

Marple will show you a preview of the file. Verify that it looks good and click Import.

A screenshot of Marple, showing an upload screen

Wait for the file to finish importing. Then select the file (checkbox) and click Visualise.

A screenshot of Marple, showing the data library

You can now start dragging signals from the sidebar onto the plot. Enjoy your graphs!

A screenshot of Marple, showing a visualised time series CSV file with graphs


Read more

Marple has much more to offer.

Read the docs