Interactive Data Visualisations

Visualise time series data in an instant. The drag & drop interface allows you to find and visualise different signals in a matter of seconds, even for extremely large datasets!
Excellent UX: Zoom, select and pan using mouse actions
Various plot types: Time series, scatter, map and frequency plots
Big Data: Visualise millions of data points in milliseconds
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Time Series Data Mining

Unlock the true potential of your data. Create and apply calculations across 100s of data sets. Find trends and anomalies using the Marple Data Miner.
Powerful: Analyse billions of data points in a few seconds.
AI Powered: Leverage Marple AI tools during data analysis.
Trends & Anomalies: Find outliers and see new trends in your data.
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Work as a Team on Data

Collaborate seamlessly with your team on Marple. Enhance productivity and communication by collectively analyzing and interpreting data, ensuring a synergistic approach to solving complex challenges.
Share Data: Share your analysis with a colleague using a URL
Annotations: Add comments on specific data points
One Workspace: Entire team on one workspace, a single source of truth
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Automatic Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports that streamline communication and facilitate informed decision-making, saving you valuable time and effort.
Easy UX: Create reports using the report editor in Marple. No coding.
Automatic: Create a new report every time new data is added.
Powerful: Define 100s of tests in one report.
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Connect with Data

Marple seamlessly integrates with a variety of data sources, enabling you to effortlessly connect and consolidate information from databases, APIs, and various file formats.
File Formats: Support for over 10 different file formats
Databases: Connect with Time Series Databases such as AzureDataExplorer, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, PostgreSQL
API: Make use of our API to upload data to Marple automatically
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