A cloud-based time series data analysis platform for engineers

Marple screenshot in light and dark mode. It shows time series graph of various signals as well as two scatter plots. Annotations have been made on the figure as well.
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Visualise sensor data from tests and measurements

Upload, organise and visualise data

Automatically stream or upload your data from multiple devices to Marple.

Once the data is available in Marple, all your engineers can instantly visualise & analyse all data sets.

Have your data available anywhere, anytime for anyone in your team.

Data flowing from a race car, aeroplane and drone towards marple and a time series graph

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What is Marple all about? The best way to find out is to try it out yourself!.

Just follow these 4 simple steps and get started in only a few minutes!

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    Go to app.marpledata.com, and create an account.

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    Drag & drop your data into Marple, or use the examples provided by us.

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    Visualise & analyse your data immediately. No configuration needed.

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    Invite team members to share your analysis and data files.

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InfluxDB integration is here!

Connect directly to your database
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Supported file types

Out of the box support for csv, hdf5, mat, ulog, ...
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Different file types such as CSV, HDF5, mat, ulog.
Lilium Jet flying over Manhattan.
Wouter profile pic
Wouter Plaetinck
Flight Test Engineer
" With Marple’s ability to overlay many time series signals, I can correlate behavior of the aircraft throughout multiple systems or dynamics in a user-friendly way. "
Dut21 in the sunlight
Andrea profile pic
Andrea Boroni
Motor Control Engineer
"At Formula Student Team Delft it's all about data. Marple helps us collect, share and analyse all the data we need to ensure our engineers bring the fastest car at the competitions"
Agoria solar car in the sun
Tine Wildiers Agoria Solar Team
Tine Wildiers
Race Strategist
" Since this year, we partnered up with Marple, who provided us an easy way of analysing all of this data. The use of projects in Marple and the option to visualise databases dynamically, has made our life much easier."
Chip laser
Suzanne profile pic
Suzanne van den Boogaart
Opto Mechanical Engineer
" It has always been difficult to find the right data files of tests I did in the past. With the Marple metadata search, I can quickly find the files I'm looking for and start analyzing it right away. "
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Try out our Python SDK
pip install marpledata

Marple makes data analysis twice as fast. Find out how

Interactive visualisation for large datasets

Marple is ideal for data exploration. The fast and interactive time series plots enable you to dynamically navigate through your data. Even for extremely large datasets, Marple will remain fast and responsive.

Next to time series plots, Marple offers a variety of analysis tools. Create scatter plots to identify correlations, map plots in case you are dealing with GPS data or frequency plots to find the vibrations in your system.

Try it out
A screenshot of Marple showing engineering tools such as a time series plot, function calculations and a scatter plot

Organise sensor data from loggers

Marple is built specifically for sensor data coming from loggers. Loggers make use of specific file types such as .CSV, .MAT, .TDMS, .MDF, ... Many file formats are supported out of the box!

Data can be organised in Marple using smart metadata or tags.

Marple also supports data stored in an Influx Database. Influx Database is perfect for time series data and is rising in popularity.

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Four files that are found using metadata filters and tags, and a search bar

Web based time series analysis

Marple is a web-based time series data analysis platform for engineers, that is quite unique! Being web-based comes with many advantages: no installation required, no need to download the data, updates are seamless, ... This also means that everyone of your team can access the data anywhere, anytime.

Marple is mainly a cloud product, we make sure your data is always available. For large companies we are able to provide a self-hosted solution.

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Marple as a cloud-based platform, with time series graphs coming from the cloud

A streamlined workflow for your team

Having your data in one central location is essential for your workflow. No more local copies, no more emailing data around, data is now in Marple.

Engineers never need to leave Marple, meaning they have a more streamlined workflow. This in contrast to teams that rely on a chain of scripts in order to visualise their data.

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A workflow where different engineers need to collaborate
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