Automated test reports for time series

For data from real tests, measurements and simulations

A screenshot of Marple reporting showing failures in a test

Learn how automated reporting can help your team save time.

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1. Connect your data

Data workflow from raw CSV, MAT, HDF5, TDMS files to API and SDK, to Marple, to automated report

Upload and import a file to get started. We support CSV, MAT, HDF5, TDMS, ... Read more about our supported data formats.

For teams with a mature data workflow, we recommend integrating Marple into their workflow, using two possible solutions:

Reports are automatically generated when a new file is detected in Marple.

2. Design your report

Editing a metric of an automated report

Create evaluation criteria for your report by defining:

Metrics can be previewed on a file before saving.

3. View results

Reports automatically run on all files in a data stream or file directory. When new files are added, new reports are generated.

The results of running automatic reports on  a number of files

The overview shows for all files if they passed or failed (🟢 / 🔴) the tests in the report. Open a report to view more details about what caused the failure.

Investigate abnormalities in detail

Investigate abnormalities from the reports in more detail

Reports integrate tightly with our visualisation. Failures for certain criteria can be investigated directly in Marple. Use all of our different graphing capabilities to find the root cause of the anomaly.

Get reports straight in your inbox

Stay on top of what's happening in engineering, by enabling email notifications.

An automated report shown in a mailbox from outlook or Gmail

Choose when to get notified in your mailbox: for each report, or only when a failure happened. Reports are attached in pdf, or you open them in Marple to investigate them in more detail.

Data safety is our primary concern

A vault, keeping your files securely backuped

Your data is sensitive. Marple is therefore designed with security as our top priority. If you choose for Marple Cloud, daily backups are taken care of automatically. We also do regular security tests, performed by external experts.

Marple can also be deployed self-managed, giving you total control over the hosting. To learn more about this, get in touch.

Automated reporting in a nutshell


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