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Complex calculations across datasets

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Get answers to complex questions in your data

A graph with complex questions overlayed on top of it

When you log a lot of data, complex questions across datasets arise. These typically involve accessing a lot of different files or InfluxDB snapshots. Writing scripts to solve these kinds of questions is hard:

The first step is having your data well organised in a common shape, like in Marple. Using the Data Miner you can extract complex insights from them. Due to how we store your data, these calculations can be done extremely fast.

Perform batch calculations

A schematic explaining that Marple is a powerful data engine what can data mine on a batch of files

The Marple Data Miner allows you to do calculations on a batch of files. Powered by our performant data engine, calculations are 4 to 100 times as fast as custom written scripts in Python and MATLAB. With the Data Miner, you can:

By combing these tools, you can extract results from large collections of files. The results can be viewed in multiple ways, including:

Investigate anomalies in detail

Three plot types in Marple for engineers: map plot, scatter plot and frequency plot

The data miner integrates tightly with our visualisation. If you notice something strange in a dataset, you can jump directly into a visualisation. Use all of our different graphing capabilities to investigate the root cause.

Automated reporting

A screenshot of Marple reporting showing failures in a test

Generate automatic reports when new datasets are added. This overview gives you an immediate impression about what behaved differently from your expectations, or what went according to plan. Read more here.

Data safety is our primary concern

A vault, keeping your files securely backuped

Your data is sensitive. Marple is therefore designed with security as our top priority. If you choose for Marple Cloud, daily backups taken care of automatically. We also do regular security tests, performed by external experts.

Marple can also be deployed self-managed, giving you total control over the hosting. To learn more about this, get in touch.

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