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Marple offers a set of tools as a web platform. This means that the software does not need to be installed and expensive overhead can be avoided . Class members only need to create an account to access the data and projects.

Analysing flight test data with Marple

Marple has various plot types arrangable in any order, to create a flexible and intuitive user interface
- Map plots, giving a primary overview
- Time series, for detailed analysis
- Scatter plots, indicating resonant frequencies and other vibrations
- Frequency plots (FFT)

Read more about the plotting possibilities in our documentation.

Three plot types in Marple for engineers: map plot, scatter plot and frequency plot

A set of premade functions make it easy to do post-processing and calculations. Functions are part of your project, so you don't have to redefine them again later. This makes modifying data on the fly with a no-code approach from a class setting. You can also create your own formulas with mathematical notation and IF statements.

Post-processing of sensor data using default functions like moving average

Marple in theses or team projects

Agoria solar car in the sun

There are three ways to get your data into Marple. Firstly, files can be uploaded and imported using our plugin system.  A student can just upload a CSV, ULOG, ROS, CAN and other data formats.

The second option is to use our API or Python SDK. This way, datasets can be automatically uploaded to Marple. This eliminates friction in the data processing workflow, making the data available to, for example, automated tests in a lab environment.

If you have your data in InfluxDB, you can directly couple it to Marple. This also allows you to view your data in realtime. Read more about our InfluxDB integration.

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