Software Engineering Intern
March 10, 2024

Why work with us

  • Product-focused company with high quality standards
  • Use modern tools for engineering and communication
  • Small and fun team where your voice will be heard
  • You can play ping pong during breaks (who doesn't want that?)

Who we are

Marple is a tech startup located in Antwerp, Belgium. We believe engineers are the motor behind innovation. Our goal is to make engineering more efficient, qualitative and increase collaboration.

We do this by creating a cloud data analysis platform with focus on a great UX and performance for large data sets. We take pride in the speed of our software: visualisation is near instantaneous for files up to hundreds of Gigabytes.

Find out more on or get a peek into life at marple on our instagram.

What you’ll do

You will work for 6 weeks, mainly on your own project(s). We can discuss the topic, but some examples are

  • Writing an integration for a new type of data source
  • Rewrite (part) of our core plotting library to improve performance
  • Add functionality for batch processing multiple files

Apart from this, you'll be part of the engineering team, meaning you

  • Help fixing bugs when we encounter them
  • Participate in architecture design discussions and code reviews

We’re looking for someone who is

  • Independent and self-managing
  • Aims for quality work and clean code
  • Communicates clearly
  • Can tackle complex problems (e.g. handling large data sets, fundamental refactorings, ...)

And you should have relevant technical experience with

  • Programming (any language is good, but we use python)
  • Relational databases (e.g. postgres)
  • Infrastructure basics (linux VM’s, installing packages, docker, …)
  • Changing small things in a web frontend (but nothing fancy)
  • Git

Questions or want to apply?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our technical lead Nero Vanbiervliet

👉 (+32 487 244 130)

Introduce yourself briefly and we can set up a first call to get to know you better and discuss possible internship topics.