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Example of Marple AI in action, with a GPT prompt and an answer

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Automatically generate plots based on a GPT prompt

Complex datasets can easily contain hundreds or thousands of signals. With Marple AI, you can just write a question about what you would like to see. Marple automatically makes graphs with signals that are relevant for your question. After generating the graphs, you are free to modify them to your liking for deeper analysis.

AI based calculations

Marple AI can perform complex calculations based on a question. Example questions that can be answered:

Your questions are transformed by GPT to computations that our time series data engine can perform. This results in very fast response times, outperforming Python and MATLAB with computation results being 4-100x faster.

Investigate AI results in more detail

Three plot types in Marple for engineers: map plot, scatter plot and frequency plot

Marple AI integrates tightly with our state-of-the-art visualisation. If you get an interesting result by Marple AI, you can jump directly into a visualisation of the underlying data. Use all of our different graphing capabilities to investigate the data behind the AI result.

Marple AI in a nutshell

Marple AI has been launched!

The first version of Marple AI is now available on the free trial.

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