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We are happy to report that Notion is super simple for Marple to be embedded. Simply copy the link from the Sharelink tab and paste it into Notion.


That will give you a "Create Embed" button from the link, and once the graph has rendered you can drag from any side to resize.

Confluence natively supports iFrame! To add it simply go to the toolbar and press the "+" button. Once there, type "iframe" and it should come up. By default it will be empty, add the URL as it's produced by the Marple Sharelink.


After that, feel free to configure the other options (title, width, styling..) that Confluence offers from the same sidebar!

PowerPoint requires slightly more setup, but nothing out of this world.

  • Download the Web Viewer add-on (published by Microsoft themselves).
  • Depending on your PowerPoint version/add-on version a demo version will automagically open in PowerPoint.
  • You can find the Web Viewer on the the Insert toolbar, under My add-ins.
  • A new slide will present itself with a text field for you to paste the URL just as Marple's Sharelink pane presents it.


Coda's approach allows for a full page embed or for content to be embedded into an existing canvas. We will pick the latter.

Simply write "/embed" on your current canvas and the URL configurator will come up, add the Marple sharelink and you are set!


Woah! You made it to the final boss of the embedding guide. Chances are that if you are using .md you'll be pretty knowledgable on the iFrame world. For reference, we are using Vanilla Markdown and as you know that supports in-line HTML. ⚠️ If you are using a company-flavoured (restricted) MD, the iframes might not work.

Simply copy the Marple Sharelink URL as is and paste it into its own <iframe>.

<iframe height="500px" width="100%" src=""></iframe>

Using something else?

Marple still supports many more tools. The key is to look for the "iFrame" keyword, if your tool supports it, then you are set to go!

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