How Lilium increased their flight test effectiveness with 35% by switching to Marple

Discover how Lilium uses Marple during their flight test campaign and how it improved the overall data analysis workflow.


Lilium, a leading company in the development of an electric aircraft that can take off and land vertically.

The challenge

Lilium needs to analyze the data generated by their flight simulators and their technology demonstrator aircraft, which collects data from various sensors and systems during the test flights. The data is essential for validating the design and performance of the aircraft, as well as meeting the safety standards set by aircraft regulators. The company also needs to visualize the data in a clear and interactive way, to share the results with the engineers and the stakeholders.


The company uses Marple, a data analysis platform for engineering teams, to store, process, and display their flight test data. Marple allows them to connect to their flight simulator software and their monitoring program, which collects and sends data to the cloud. Marple then transforms the data into interactive charts and dashboards, which the company can access from any device. Marple also enables the company to explore the data with SQL queries, filters, and calculations, to gain deeper insights and generate reports.


By using Marple, the company can:

  • Monitor and analyze the performance and behavior of their aircraft in real-time, and identify any issues or anomalies that may affect their flight test program.
  • Compare the data from different test flights, scenarios, and configurations, and see how their aircraft reacts to different environments and situations.
  • Optimize their design and development process, by adjusting the parameters and features of their aircraft based on the data analysis.
  • Enhance their user experience, by having a user-friendly and customizable interface to visualize and analyze their data.
  • Save time and resources, by having a scalable and reliable data analysis platform that handles the data processing and storage for them.

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