How FS Team Delft uses Marple to find the optimal setup for their EV 4WD race car.

Find out how FS Team Delft relies on Marple to discover the most effective configuration for their EV 4WD race car, enabling them to achieve peak performance on the track.


FS Team Delft, a team of 70 engineers that develop high-performance 4WD EV race cars that compete in international competitions.

The challenge

The engineers from FS Team Delft gather data from over 1500 signals at rates up to 1000Hz. In total the car logs about 400.000 data points per second about different sensors and state estimations. The data is used to identify potential problems and to optimise the performance of the car on track. Data needs to be available in real time and ready for post-analysis after the run. The large data volume makes data analysis challenging and often slow to work with.


Marple provides FS Team Delft with an efficient solution to tackle the challenges they face in data analysis. With Marple's advanced data processing capabilities, the team can handle the large volume of data generated by the sensors and state estimations in real-time. Marple allows them to monitor and analyze the performance of their race car, identifying potential problems and optimizing its setup for peak performance on the track.

Marple's real-time data availability and post-analysis capabilities enable FS Team Delft to make informed decisions based on the insights gained from the data. They can compare data from different test scenarios, flights, and configurations, understanding how the car reacts to different environments and situations. This knowledge empowers them to fine-tune and optimize various parameters of their race car, enhancing its overall performance.

The user-friendly and customizable interface of Marple simplifies the visualization and analysis of the data. FS Team Delft can easily navigate and interpret the results, making it easier to identify any issues or anomalies that may affect their race car's performance. Additionally, Marple's scalability and reliability handle the data processing and storage, saving the team valuable time and resources.

Overall, Marple provides FS Team Delft with a powerful tool to effectively analyze their race car's data, optimize its setup, and achieve peak performance on the track.


By using Marple, the engineers of FSTD can:

  • Monitor and analyze the performance and behaviour of their vehicle in real time.
  • Streamline their data analysis process, allowing them to quickly and efficiently analyze large volumes of data.
  • Gain valuable insights into the performance of their race car, enabling them to make data-driven decisions on optimizing its setup.
  • Improve their overall race car performance and competitiveness in international competitions.

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