Motor control tuning with Formula Student Team Delft

Welcome again fellow Marpleans!

If you remember what we said a couple a couple of blogs ago we are supporting the Formula Student Team Delft (FSTD) with a sponsorship (aren't we generous)! For those who don't know, Formula Student is a worldwide competition for students to build and race their own electric race car.

Because the collaboration is such a succes we decided to make the trip from Antwerp to Delft and check out their workflow and show other Marpleans how cool it is to work with Marple.

"I can't imagine how they used to do this without Marple"

It all starts with a good set-up. You want a high frequency logger in order to extract enough data and really get the finest details of your configuration. The FSTD boys and girls go above and beyond to achieve this. Even if this results in taping a laptop on top of the car. The basic logger in the car only logs at 250 Hz and to test the motorcontroller they needed at least an 8kHz logger.

Safety jackets on, let's go! Look, I know you're here for data and data analysis but I won't deprive you of this cool driving footage either. The test in question was so they could finetune the motorcontroller. This means driving around some cones on the parking lot was enough!

Then what? I'll let Andrea, the George Clooney of control systems tell you himself:

Data visualisation in Marple.. Oh What A Dream! It took more time walking to the office than having the datasets in Marple. In fact, because they work with our infamous API, as soon as his laptop connected to the internet. The upload of the dataset to the Marple data management system started and there was no waiting time for them to start analysing the data. I say them because as you know Marple allows your whole team to simultaneously look at the data.

After quickly finding the possible improvements, they made a couple of tweaks and went to the track.

Good times in Delft!

That's it from us, hope you enjoyed it. If you want to know more about the use case please contact us about it!


The Marple team