Meet the Marple interns

Hello there!

We've had a busy couple of months since our last blog post. In this post we want to give you an update on two elements: our second test period and our first summer interns. Let's go!

We've had a very successful second test period in May-June with more than 100 users testing our tool and providing valuable feedback. In total almost one hundred billion data points were analyzed by Marple during this period. That's amazing. We've seen new use cases that we find very interesting and open a new range of opportunities. We're currently brainstorming about our product to see if we can capitalize on these opportunities. But more on that in our next blog post.

Our team is expanding! Since the beginning of July we've had Flor and Liesbeth joining our team as summer interns as part of their study. Flor is improving the data handling of Marple by adding support for more data types as well as improving the internal data structure. Liesbeth is researching how we can improve on our current data subsampling techniques. They've only recently joined our team but are already making valuable contributions to Marple. It's great to have some extra (wo)man power in our team!

Of course, a team is only a team once there is a team photo, so we lined up on a nice piece of grass.

A picture of the Marple interns making the platform a great experience for sensor data analysis.a
Marple team with interns

Cheers and see you next time!

Matthias & Nero

PS: Mandatory jumping picture as a bonus (Flor almost went into orbit on this particular attempt)