Marple and the Agoria Solar Team

Marple supports the Agoria Solar Team

The Agoria Solar Team is a team of KU Leuven students from various engineering studies who work together to create a new solar car every 2 years. With this solar car, we participate in international solar challenges against teams from all around the world. I am the race strategist in the team, and my function is to decide on the most optimal way to drive during te race, to achieve the best results.

To prepare for this, a lot of testing with the solar car is done beforehand. Testing = a bunch of solar car data! This data ranges from tire pressures, to every electric signal we measure from our battery pack and solar panel. Since this year, we partnered up with Marple, who provided us an easy way of analysing all of this data. The use of projects in Marple and the option to visualise databases dynamically, has made our life much easier. We use marple everyday for multiple applications: plotting the route of our next race with the map feature, checking solar panel data, weather predictions, specific motor controller data signals, efficiency measurements of our motor controller and much more.

~ Tine Wildiers - Agoria Solar Team

Agoria solar car driving through the desert thanks to data visualisation capabilities provided by Marple