Marple is selected for POM

Hi there!

We want to share some awesome news with you! We were very very excited that we were selected for the Quick Wins subsidy of POM this week! This will allow us to work together with Dana & Hardt Hyperloop in the form of a pilot. We are extremely happy about how we are able to make time series data analysis for the engineers in those two companies way more fun & efficient!

POM West-Flanders is a government agency supporting private companies to innovate and collaborate with startups such as Marple. This collaboration is a big validation of our conceptual idea that data analysis can be made more exciting!

Working together with Dana and with Hardt Hyperloop is a big deal!

Dana is making drive trains for vehicles (for example: hybrid cars) and during the development of those vehicles, tests are being done to make sure that everything on the new design works before going in production. Dana engineers will be able to analyse their test data in Marple which will allow them to clearly and easily see what goes on, on the test-bench!

At Hardt Hyperloop, we will be able to be part of the next forward jump in passenger transportation. This project is so much in line with what we believe in!  Specifically the fact that engineers are the cornerstone of progress makes us very committed to support the Hardt Hyperloop engineers.

POM call screen that Marple won to build a better data visualisation platform for engineers
POM Westvlaanderen

Thanks for reading!

The Marple team.