Getting Started
First steps
First steps
Start your trip in the Marple world by learning the basics in a few minutes

Marple navigation overview

You can easily navigate between the different sections of Marple using the left sidebar. 3 Sections are highlighted:

  • Home: Overview of your team. See all project and team members
  • Analysis: The place for your analysis and visualizations
  • Data Library: Find and organise all your data

Add some data to Marple

Marple without any data is not very useful. So as a first step we will show you how to add some data!

Use example data

If you don't have any data ready with you, no worries. You can add some Marple example data. If your Data Library is empty, Marple will give you the option to add some example data.

Use your own data

Do you have some data ready to be analyzed? Perfect!

There are various ways to add some data. The easiest one is to just drag&drop the data in the Data Library. Next to that you can also use the 'UPLOAD FILES' button which will open a file explorer.

For this example we make use of the example.csv data file. For .CSV files we can see a preview of the data so we can tweak some settings. Here you can select the right "time" axis and select the right data format. In this case the default settings

Visualise your data

The big power of Marple is the data visualization. That's what we are here for, right?

Select data

First we need to select some data. If you followed the step above, you will have your own data or some example data in your Data Library. Simply select the data and hit "VISUALISE".

Visualize data

You are now in the analysis part of Marple with your data loaded. Visualizing data in Marple is super easy. On the left side you can see all your signals. Just drag&drop or double-click them to add them to the plot.

There you go, you made your first visualisation! More information about different plot types and all other options can be found in the Analysis and Plot Types pages.

You now have a time series plot with some signals on it. In Marple you can use your mouse to zoom, pan and make selections of data. Have a go with it and let us know if you like it (or not)!

Mouse Actions

Save your results

When you did some work in Marple, chances are high that you want to save your work and continue later on. Or at least not lose the beautiful visualizations you made!

Marple allows you to save your project. You can do this at the bottom left in the analysis window.

When saving a project you also need to give it a name. Next time you login to Marple you will see your project in the Home view. Here you will be able to open the project with our without the data you previously opened.

Your team members will also be able to see and use the project. A great way to collaborate!

Next up: Create a Team