Getting Started
Create a Team
Create a Team
Invite your team members in a few simple steps

How can I invite team members?

If you have set up your workspace, inviting team members can be done by any admin. In the Settings section of Marple you can see an overview of all your team members and their role.

You can easily add new team members by clicking ADD TEAM MEMBER. This will prompt you to enter the email address of the person you like to add. They will receive an invite email with a link to the workspace.

Alternatively you can use the invite link to invite your team members. They will enter the workspace as editors.

How can I collaborate?

Once you have some team members on Marple, the fun can start.

Because you form a team, everyone can access all the data available to them. No more USB sticks or mails with the data sets! Next to that you can see who is working on what projects, and you can easily share work with each other.

In the home view of Marple you are able to see all the different projects, who worked on it, what data sets were used as well as who is currently online!

Help, I cannot add more members to my team!

On our free plan you can only have one editor (you).

On our paid plans you can have as many editors as you desire.
Our paid plans also have a trial, so you can try it out before making a decision.

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