Data Types
Marple Data Points
Marple Data Points
What do we mean with Data Points?

How are data points calculated?

This is actually pretty simple. We count every data point that you imported into Marple. If you delete data from your account, these data points will also be cleared from the total.

On our free plan we give you 500 million data points. For free! To put this in perspective, this means you can log 10 signals, at a rate of 100 Hz for almost 6 days straight!

On the paid plan you can choose how many datapoints of storage you want, obviously. For the trial you get 5 billion (! yes billion) data points of storage.

When you upload and import data into Marple, you will get an estimate of how many data points are in the data set and how many you have left on your account.

Why not just use MB's, GB's, ..?

The size of a file does not always reflect the amount of data points that it contains. Some data files are highly compressed (zip, MAT, HDF5, ..) while others (CSV, ULOG, ..) can be quite inefficient in terms of storage.

Data files are just a vehicle to transport the data into Marple. For us the amount of datapoints matter, not the shape of the data file!

How can I increase my Marple Data Points storage?

There are two options:

  • Either you extend your license to get more storage
  • You sample your data at lower sampling rate or reduce the amount of signals. That way you will be able to store more data sets.