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What is a Workspace?

A workspace is the Marple instance of your team. This is the place where all the team members can find the data, analyse the data and work together.

In order to have access to a workspace you need to be invited or receive an invite link. Alternatively you can make your own workspace.

If you are on the free plan, your workspace will consist of you alone. The paid plans are designed to have multiple users on one workspace.

Manage your Team

If you are the Admin in a workspace you will see a settings icon at the bottom left of your screen. This will bring you to the following window where you can easily add or remove team members.

Account types

There are three different account types: Admin, Editor and Viewer.


An Admin is basically an Editor but with some extra rights. An Admin has control of more crucial parts of Marple. The Admin can remove data sets, manage the meta data fields, add/remove team members, ..


An Editor is a Marple power user. An Editor is able to use all data analysis features, upload data, modify data, make projects and set metadata of a data set. The amount of Editors you have in your team depends on your license.


A viewer is a more casual user of Marple and only needs to see some data rather than going in depth. Viewers can see all data but cannot upload data, make calculations or save projects. PS: Viewers are free in Marple!